Upgrade watchdog entries to entities and replace default database log listing with a view, which grants advanced filtering options and filtered deletion as a bulk operation.


The module creates an entity wrapper around database log entries and enhances the watchdog listing by replacing it with a view. Beside type and severity, additional filter options were introduced such as date and author.
The possibility to change the number of listed entries per page has also been added.
Database clearing has also been customized, now admins can clear only the filtered entries, if needed.
The provided view is accessible to the admins and can be fully customized as any view, to fit one's needs.
Update: Rules integration capability. A submodule has been added which provides Rules events, conditions and actions.

Use cases

This module is aimed to help developers. It may come in handy when:

  • database logs are checked simultaneously by a bunch of developers - filter by users
  • you need to remove only older entries
  • you need to view logs from a given time period
  • other advanced filters and log clearing
  • NEW! integrate logging functionality with Rules!

How to use

  1. download the module and place it under 'sites/all/modules/contrib' folder
    • with Drush use: drush dl better_watchdog_ui
  2. enable the module from the modules page: 'admin/build/modules'
    • with Drush use: drush en better_watchdog_ui
  3. enjoy!


The Better Watchdog UI requires the following modules to be installed:

Drupal 8

Porting to D8 of some functionality and submodules won't be necessary, because of the following:

Rules integration option is on hold, for the moment, Rules in D8 being in dev phase. This submodule will be ported, in the worst case as a standalone module.

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