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Beta - Omega
Beta Theme - Omega Subtheme

Beta is an HTML5/960gs theme based on Omega.

Primary Features

  • 12, 16, 24 and 32 Column Layouts.
  • Integrates color.module for color scheme alterations
  • CSS3 Gradients and effects also configured via color.module color settings
  • HTML5
  • Content first layouts with push/pull classes.
  • Quickly disable groups of and individual regions.
  • Every regions size and placement configurable.
  • Custom page titles, breadcrumb, dropdown menus.
  • Apply custom CSS classes to any region/zone.
  • Create contextual layouts with the Delta module.


  • Omega Base Theme (7.x-2.1+) must be downloaded as well


Developed and maintained by Jake Strawn, Development Geeks

Read More: Omega Micro-Site

Status Messages

This a first of type subtheme for Omega, and is more of a proof of concept that needs some CSS love to become more flexible for more users.

If you'd like to submit additional color schemes, please submit an issue.

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