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This module integrates Behat with Drupal. Behat is a PHP framework that allows for Behavior Driven Development. BDD is a methodology to write software features "outside-in".

The module in its current state is very limited in functionality. It allows you to write feature tests for a Drupal site using SimpleTest API functions and assertions in step definitions. However, the Behat library must be installed separately and in order to run feature tests, Behat must be called from the command line. Drush integration and an admin interface to run feature tests are being planned: #1377382: module feature roadmap

Other Behat-related Drupal projects

  • Drupal Extension, a Behat extension which facilitates using Behat with Drupal. (As opposed to the behat module which is a Drupal module which integrates Behat into the Simpletest mechanism).
  • Behat Testing, is similar to the Behat (behat) module, I haven't yet had time to test it though.
  • (Please open an issue if you want to include another project/resource in this list)

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