BCubed is a platform which helps publishers to get more from their advertising. With BCubed, you can:

Measure AdBlocker Statistics

Find out how much of your traffic is blocking ads and impacting revenue.

Interact with Users

Highlight a page element for selected users, request users to disable AdBlockers, or even prevent users with AdBlockers from accessing your site.

Replace Blocked Ads

BCubed serves non-intrusive, useful and high quality ads into blocked pages from the BCubed network. Reclaim revenue lost to AdBlockers.

Beta program: please contact us for a BCubed account.


BCubed gives publishers the ability to engage their users in countless ways through its flexible plugin system.

Market Information

To read up on AdBlocking please visit Open4AdBlocking.com

Directory of Internet AdBlockers

For a list of known AdBlockers please visit Directory of Internet AdBlockers


To report on AdBlockers to Google Analytics, simply install the BCubed Google Analytics submodule. [Recommended] Install custom google analytics dashboard from here: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=0-vQuSsvSqyQuo4MG8xyNw

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