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BagIt ( is a specification for packaging content and metadata about that content into a format that can be shared between applications. This module provides a "BagIt" tab for nodes that allows the packaging of the node and any files attached to the node into a Bag.


Installation instructions are detailed in README.txt.


  • administrative options include configuring output paths, choosing which content types can have Bags created for them, choosing which compression type to use for serialized Bags (i.e., Zip or Gzip), and adding selected bag-info.txt metadata fields
  • integration of tokens (in D7 core, for D6 the Token module is required) to allow site admins to control Bag filenames
  • integration with Views Bulk Operations to allow batch creation of Bags
  • easily extensible through the use of plugins to create or copy the files to add to a node's Bag. Included plugins:
    • generic PHP serialization of node objects
    • adding files managed by D6 core Upload and CCK FIleField and D7 core File and Image modules to the node's Bag
    • D7 version includes a demonstration plugin to represent the node as a basic METS document
    • D6 and D7 versions provide a demonstration plugin to add fetch.txt entries defined using the contrib Link module
  • provides hook_bagit_alter(), so other modules can modify the current Bag, for example, to add custom bag-info.txt metadata, and hook_bagit_filter_files(), so modules can control which files are added by file copy plugins.
  • D7 version supports creation of Bags via Drush.

If you are considering writing a plugin that might have usefulness to others, or would like to chat about use cases for this module, please drop me a line.


Features currently being considered include:

  • GUI for plugin management and configuration, probably organized by content type
  • sample code for integration of the Queue API to allow 'offline' creation of Bags

Support for Drupal 6 version

6.x-1.0-rc2 is the final version for Drupal 6. All new bug fixes and features will be added to the Drupal 7 version only.

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