This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Backup Client-Server is a set of modules that allow for the backup and monitoring of a single or multiple Drupal websites.

Backup Client

Provides PHP based tar and mysqldump functionality and are platform independent. Several additional features have been added to the stock tar and mysqldump functions:

  • scheduled backups and mysql dumps can be triggered by cron
  • notes can be associated with each tar backup or mysqldump file
  • limits on the number of backups and mysqldump files can be set by automatic deletion of old files
  • gzip library testing and graceful degradation
  • backups can be triggered remotely using XML-RPC
  • Site information can be sent to another server via XML-RPC
  • tar backup options:
    • backups can be GZIPed
    • backup date can be added to site name
    • mysqldump files to be included can be limited to most recent
  • mysqldump options:
    • dumps can be: saved to the server, downloaded to your desktop, or directed to the browser
    • dumps can be GZIPed
    • addition or removal of DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements
    • system call to mysqldump function can be used if available

Backup Client S3

Pushes backups to Amazon S3:

  • scheduled upload from client site

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