The module provides the following capabilities
1. Automated backup and clean up of Amazon Volumes:
You can configure the system to automatically backup (snapshot) the required volumes automatically on Drupal cron runs. A dedicated link is also available that can be used to configure external cron at desired frequency. Each time this is run, the backup and clean up activity for each volume is performed.
You can configure the number of snapshots to be retained either in number of days or the number of snapshots. At all times at least 1 snapshot will be maintained.

2. Form for uploading files to S3 buckets:Users with upload to s3 bucket permission can upload files directly to S3

3. Backup of S3 buckets: If you are wondering if there is a need to backup S3 buckets, you may want to consider backing up of data to recover accidental deletions. S3 buckets can be backuped and manage number of backups. Note each backup is a full backup. You can also restore the desired files from backup to active version.

4. File S3 widget:You can set the File Field widget to S3 File. This will automatically move all the files uploaded to that a field to S3 and show appropriate links.

5. Browse S3 buckets: As administrators you can browse any S3 bucket.

On enabling the module is in test mode for backup process. You can set it to productive use by setting the "Enable Backup" checkbox in configuration screen.

Requires AWS SDK for PHP 1

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