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Drupal template - A Vitamin

A Vitamin is a new template from Themes Drupal.

09/08/2010 - Addedd support for custom $logo 6.x-1.5

04/08/2010 - New Drupal template: A Vitamin Plus+

22/06/2010 - Improved drop down CSS 6.x-1.4

21/06/2010 - new feature on version 6.x-1.3

Just two days after the initial release, a drowpdown menu has been added on the primary links.

Clean and simple code

The template source code is clean and easy to understand. You can easily customize it.

The template is structured in many regions:

  • Header (#header).
  • Preface (#preface).
  • Content (#content).
  • Postscript (#postscript).
  • Sidebar Left (#sidebar_left).
  • Sidebar Right (#sidebar_right).
  • Footer (#footer).

Regions map

On the demo website the header region has been used for a slideshow using the views_slideshow module.

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