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Availability module is an abstract solution to associate a set of dates with certain nodes and users assuming that these nodes are available on specified dates for a certain user.

This module can be used when you deal with rent or booking solutions.

Availability module uses jscalendar in a flat mode to choose dates and depends on jscalendar.module. Since flat mode isn't available in a free version of jscalendar component we provide our own patched jscalendar which must be copied over original jscalendar library. Our patch extends its functionality and doesn't break it! This means that jscalendar module will work as before.

Developed by ARDAS group - Web solutions development, Drupal CMS, IT outsourcing.

1. If you have a content type 'apartment' you can enable availability support for all 'apartment' nodes and then node owners will be able to specify which dates these apartments are available or not. Other users who are allowed to edit these apartments can specify their own dates. So, an apartment may be avilable for User 1 on '01.01.2007' and '02.01.2007' and for User 2 on '03.01.2007' and '04.01.2007'.
2. You can have a content type 'car' and several nodes of this type available for rent. Every user can reserve it for certain dates and also can see when this car isn't available.

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