This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project allows for flexible auto tagging of your content types via a pluggable interface that makes use of 3rd party services to provide the tag context.

As a point of disambiguation, this module differentiates itself from the AutoTag module in that it doesn't rely on pre-defined vocabularies. Instead, this module sends node content through any number of third party services to determine what the content is about.

*** This module is currently in beta. While you can use it in a production environment, your mileage may vary. Feedback and issues can be sent to the issue queue, which is actively monitored.

Service Integration integration

  • Install the Autotagging API module
  • Install the Autotagging module
  • Configure at least one tag-style Vocabulary
  • Visit the Autotagging settings page, select the vocabulary you created above (in, for example the "Topic" type)

Yahoo Terms integration

** NOTE: See above, as yahoo terms integration is deprecated. **

Unlike, Yahoo Terms doesn't return different categories of information. It does, however, return phrases for topics instead of single words.

  • You will need to get a Yahoo! Application ID from here. Note that yahoo restricts the number of queries to 5000 per IP address per day. Nothing we can do here.
  • Install the Yahoo Terms module
  • Under Autotagging settings, fill in your Application ID gotten in step 1.
  • Optionally specify the vocabulary to add yahoo terms to.


  • You will need to get a API Key for OpenCalais support.
  • Once you have your key, enable the module and paste it in on the settings page and you should be good to go.

Currently planned:

  • Fail-case and retry support if remote service can't be contacted.
  • Better documentation of hook system.
  • D7 module
  • CRON-time processing of terms
  • Suggest terms instead of auto-accepting them

Development of this module sponsored by WorkHabit.

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