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Industrial Strength Build Management

AutoPilot is a complete build system that captures code and configuration changes from entire teams of developers, merges and synchronizes it, and provides a framework for easy, consistent, and optionally, scheduled builds. Manual, error-prone, time-consuming builds are a thing of the past.

AutoPilot provides:

  • One-click rollout for even the most complex, load-balanced setups
  • Automatic backup and easy rollback for bad builds
  • Full builds, including database, configuration, and code
  • Complex configuration, including hooks for pre and post-build (enabling third-party tools)
  • Advanced automation, using macro-macro, to capture changes to the Drupal Administration UI
  • Live-to-development database capture, to enable quick fixing of production errors
  • Scheduled builds, so you run them after hours during non-peak periods

AutoPilot is produced by WorkHabit. We offer a commercially-supported version of AutoPilot for larger deployments. Contact us for details.

What does AutoPilot do for you?

Scheduled Builds

Tired of staying up to 5am just to kick off a build script? So were we, so we added automated builds with scheduling. Once set up, you can have your Drupal site automatically push one time, or incrementally, like every 1/2 an hour.

Multi-tier Support

Support the complexity of multiple tiers, so you can have a “proper” release cycle for Drupal. AutoPilot can support even the most complex builds, with support for different tiers, including different actions based on which tiers are beind deployed to.

Scripting Support

As sites grow, and become more complex, build systems suddently require the ability to trigger updates when they do builds, often to ourside systems. AutoPilot is full of all the hooks you need to update your load balancers, or clear caches in your memcached installation. You can script it with standard shell script, and have scripts trigger on the basis of servers, “tiers” of the system, or action of the build.

Multi-server Support

In order to deploy to more complex environments, you need to have strategies to deploy to multiple servers at the same time, and AutoPilot also supports this. Now you can deploy your code, admin, and database changes to all your servers at once.


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