autocomplete searchbox 7.x-1.3
autocomplete searchbox 7.x-1.1

This module allows you to turn the default drupal searchbox into an
autocomplete search box. You can also give a colorful layout of autocomplete
results by enabling and entering color codes for them from the settings page.

What this module is really all about ?
You can :
1. either use this module with the Drupal search form, or
2. can make any custom textfield in Drupal spit out autocomplete results.
That is, put #autocomplete_path => admin/search-portal in a custom textfield.

Either or both of above situations can work simultaneously. You can disable
the default autocomplete functionality on searchbox by unchecking the
Autocomplete with searchbox checkbox in the advance settings.

You have the power whether to show or hide results in the autocomplete dropdown for a specific Drupal entities.

As yet, only content types, taxonomies and users are
searchable, as they are the primary building blocks of a Drupal site.

What to do ?
Immediately after installation, configure the
autocomplete settings. On the settings page, you will see a demo Autocomplete Searchbox.
Its there to give you a preview of how exactly the Search form textfield in the website will behave.

Visit the settings page to set who all can use,
what all things you want to and how you want to show in the autocomplete

Please read the README.txt file before using this module and pour in your
suggestions as to how this module can be used in a better way, or whether there
is a security flaw, or a bug. That would be appreciable.

And yes, don't forget to see the Colors tab where you can beautify your autocomplete results :)

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