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This module is an alternative to Drupal's included upload module. It uses the filemanager module to allow a unique namespace per node and support large number of files. In addition this module allows you to give each attachment a title and description.

Key Features

  • Unique namespace per node - This allows each node to have it's own file list completely separate from other nodes. This prevents your users from getting confusing file renames when someone else has already uploaded a file with the same name.
  • Thread safe - This module prevents users from accidentally seeing other users uploads upload issue
  • Disk space control - Prevents users from filling up your disk during node creation. Standard upload module relies on session timeouts to clear out unused files. Attachment does clean up before each upload attempt.

UPDATED July 17th, 2007

I just took over as maintainer for this module. I've updated it to work with Drupal 5.1. My priority is to keep this module and Filemanager updated to work with this and future Drupal releases (my next priority is to update to work with Drupal 6) so we can all continue using these great modules. I'll then look at any patches submitted next. Other issues, bugs, and features will be dealt with as I have time. If you have a pressing issue, submitting a patch will get it handled much quicker. :)

If anyone has specific comments on the future of this module, I'll be happy to listen.

- Steve

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