Awesome inline autocompletion within textareas using At.js

This module adds integration for At.js and listeners you define with:

  • Textareas without a WYSIWYG
  • Bueditor textareas
  • Ckeditor
  • TinyMCE (currently buggy)

You define listeners which can be enabled on a Long text fields, in the listener definition you have...

  • (Following uses an inline reference to users as an example)
  • A trigger string or character ("@")
  • Select an Entity type to populate the autocomplete (User)
  • Bundles within that entity type (doesn't apply to User)
  • The autocomplete results template as HTML (user picture with name)
  • Entity property or field to search against (name property (username))
  • Data to supply to the template available as tokens, can be properties and fields (picture, username)
  • Whether or not to keep a record of usage, this will allow developers to respond when new mentions happen, and mentions are removed (implement hook so that users are sent an email when there's a new mention of them)

You can have as many as you like! Developers there are hooks to alter all sorts, see atjs.api.php.

This is an early development version and I'd like it to be a bit more tested in the wild first as there some options which expose a lot and can be considered quite "raw".

This module was created to be used by the Harmony Forum project.


Note that the versions specified are for maximum compatibility across plain, Ckeditor and TinyMCE.

Features exportable, made using and ctools export ui, many lessons learned from .

Project Information