This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a simple module that provides Drupal page elements as blocks for use with Adaptivetheme on Drupal 8.

Currently the module creates the following blocks

  • Page title
  • Messages
  • Local tasks (tabs)
  • Action links


In Adaptivetheme sub-themes (D8) I suggest the following for the page title visibility:

Hide for the listed pages:


This is because Adaptivetheme on D8 prints a title in the node and user templates instead of relying on the page title, this gives the write outline and structure for those html5 "article" templates.

Help with Drupal core block conversions!

Please help in the core issues, we need patch testers and discussion on how some of these things might work:

#507488: Convert page elements (local tasks, actions) into blocks
#2289917: Convert "messages" page element into blocks

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