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Solace API UI Screenshot

This module provides a full API to create SolR complex filters, using a nice AJAX (using AHAH) form. The UI was designed to be used by end-users quite easily, nothing such as views can do, but simple and quite efficient.

This module only provides needed API for other modules. If you are an end user, please look at this module list:

  • Solace Node Reference : this module extends the feature by adding a complex nodereference fields auto-fill using the Solace filters features as backend.
  • Solace Search : this module use the global Solr Assistant filter form to enable site-wide search form using the filter UI.


  • This module is based on Apache Solr Search Integration module. Except we don't use the search module, but only the main API module as our indexer and SolR instance interface. Currently we only support 6.x-2.x versions.
  • It also uses the incredibly useful AHAH Helper module as dependency for the filters form.
  • UI is improved when jQueryUI module is enabled.

Why a new search module ?

In fact, this is not quite a search module, this is an API, which can, eventually be used to do a search module. If you are looking for a keyword based efficient and simple search engine, see the Apache Solr Search Integration module.

We do not provide a faceted, keyword based classical search, we are willing to do a filters based one-shot search without using facets, instead, we heavily use all the aspects of Apache SolR Lucene query parser features and some other nice stuff to make an efficient and ergonomic advanced search form.

Note about Views 3

As you can see there, Views 3 in combination with Apache Solr Search Integration will be able to use the Views UI to build complex filter requests, using facets as arguments. We do not intend to reproduce this schema, our goal is to provide a simple and nice end user UI.


This module was designed by Likwid and Makina Corpus and is maintained by Makina Corpus.

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