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Responsive Web Design Made Easy

Arctica is your theme of choice if you want an easy interface to manage responsive layouts, to optimize the experience for mobile and tablet as well as big-screen users. Arctica is a clean and fast base theme with only the features you need for modern theme development.

See the mini site for more details:

If you need a base that also provides interactive jQuery features:
The 1.0 release of Tundra, is a base theme that subthemes Arctica to extend its features. This means that you can subtheme Tundra and the hierarchy will be like this: Arctica > Tundra > YourTheme

How to use?

Documentation coming soon. I plan to write lots of documentation and tutorials because despite all my efforts to create an understandable and clear interface for responsive web design, you always need documentation.

In the mean time my proposed solution is: play and learn. You can download an installation profile that contains the Arctica demo site. I recommend you take a look at the theme settings form, and see how the media queries there are used for per-block control in the skinr form. Just hit the edit-skin contextual link on block and see how the blocks have different settings for different @media contexts.

(Soft) Dependencies

  • Skinr for layout management. Use 7.x-2.0-alpha1 or later
  • Arctica Nitro enhances the theme settings configurator

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New in Arctica 2.0

Heads up: if you upgrade from Arctica 1.x to 2.x you will have to do your skinr layout settings over, because of the new grid system.

  1. Shortcodes support
  2. Usability improvements
  3. Better subtheming support, example subtheme for every theme
  4. Improved grid system, not using grid-inner divs anymore but a border-box layout instead
  5. Lots of small bugfixes
  6. Recommend a feature for the next release

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