This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Arcade module was written to implement pnFlashGames with Drupal, however, it is really a generic framework that allows any content to be treated abstractly as a 'game' and provides a gateway for 'games' to store scores and game data with Drupal. It also provides blocks for displaying score information.

In other words, a protocol is provided for using pnFlashGames, but you could easily write your own protocol script for receiving data from anything that can send data by HTTP POST.

If you do want to use pnFlashGames, you'll need to also install flashnode module.

After installation, you'll need to set permissions for roles that you want to be able to view scores, and you'll need to designate which node types are permitted to be set as a 'game' at 'admin/content/node-type/yournodetype'. Then, look for the 'Arcade Settings' section when creating new nodes of this type.

Security Note: Communication with Flash is inherently insecure. pnFlashGames provides no perfectly reliable means of being certain that data received by this module is actually being sent by the flash game. However, an experimental secure mode is now provided that may improve security.

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