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Apture In Action

Apture helps you enhance your site with content you choose from 50+ different sources. With Apture, you can keep readers on your site and create more content in less time. When readers access the linked content, Apture opens miniature AJAX windows instead of making readers leave the page.

Add contextual Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Maps, Pictures, Music, Books and more. You can also Upload and Link your own contextual content such as images, PowerPoints, PDFs, and Excel Spreadsheets without making people leave your site to view.

It's free and easy - install and setup only takes a minute. After install, click on the Apture button in the editor to start using Apture. Apture works with a large number of Rich Text Editors, including (but not limited to): TinyMCE, FCKEditor, YUI Editor.

This project is sponsored by Phase2 Technology and Apture, Inc.

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