This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Apply for Role module allows users to apply for roles and allows role administrators to approve or deny the role applications.

  • When the role administrator approves a role,the role(s) are automatically assigned to the user.
  • Emails for approval and/or denial can be enabled and customized.
  • New role applications can be set to email administrators letting them know applications have arrived
  • (D7, TBD D8)Users can apply for a role on signup, with a message
  • (D7)Deleting an application for an approved or denied role removes the role from the user in the core user and Apply for Role user tables and allows the user to apply for that role again.
  • (D7)When a role application is denied, the user is prevented from applying for the role again until the application is deleted.


The D7 version of this module requires views.
The D8 version requires nothing outside of core.

Current Status:

D8 module development is underway.
D7 module development has ceased.

8.x-1.0alpha1 has now been released. This is an early version of the module, with the lions share of the essential functionality that existed in D7 present. Some aspects remain and will be redone. As this starts to see sucesfull usage, it will move to Beta and then hopefully onwards to a stable release.

8.x-2.x is futurecasted for development but not under way. Funding and/or interest will determine if this proceeds.. It will switch to using views for the administrative experience, and entities for applications.

7.x-2.x has now been released. It features all of the D7 patches submitted to the queue that were tested and working as of 2/12/2014, and includes new administrative functionality for emailing users on acceptance and/or denial, along with ability to email administrators or custom email addresses when new mail comes in.

There is currently no active development occuring on any 7.x branch of this module.

Incase you encounter errors with the 7.x-2.x releases, the 7.x-1.0-Beta9 branch was a relatively stable working release. There were some minor bugs and a lot of missing functionality, but it did work for the most part. Feel free to roll back if there are issues but PLEASE document what the issues are in the queue!

Supporting organizations: 
TNG helped fund much of the development behind the initial 8.x effort.
Allowed working on the wrapping up of the 8.x version of the module during training/bench time, and provided training materials that helped develop this module.

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