Drupal API enhancement contained in a user script. This userscript allows for variable and brace highlighting in code samples.

Works on the following domains:

  • api.drupal.org
  • drupalcontrib.org
  • drupalcode.org
  • cgit.drupalcode.org

Click here to install or update

  • For Firefox click the link above.
  • For Chrome or Opera right click and save the install link above, and follow the instruction links below.


  • Eclipse style highlighting.
  • Matching brace highlighting.
  • Ctrl+Click navigation for variables and braces.

Works with

Usage Instructions

Click on a variable that you want to highlight, and all instances of that variable will be highlighted.

If you want to go to the first instance of a variable, hold CTRL when you click and you will automatically scroll to the first instance of that variable.

Clicking on any one these characters {}[]() will highlight its match.


This should work as a module for any Drupal install that is running the API module.
This will NOT work with the regular PHP code filter as it depends on the formatting that the API module generates through the Grammar Parser module.

Inspired by another awesome script:

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