This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

ApacheBench is a module that provides both invocation of the ApacheBench program, as well storing and reporting on cron-based invocations.

- Who? Developers or webmasters.
- Why? Because the results are interesting to track over time.
- How? Ensure that 'ab' is available via the command line (packaged with Apache 2.x)
- Where? Most likely a local environment used to track or manage remote sites. (I do not suggest using this on a production site or server)
- Pretty? Hate tables? grab the open_flash_chart_api module for cool charts ( not yet supported ).
- Future? More/better reports, implementing charts, additional metrics.

Project was renamed from "ab" to "apachebench" in 1.3. Read the release notes to get info how to upgrade your existing installation. Please, sorry for inconveniense, it should be done.

Developed and sponsored by Vision Media - Victoria Drupal Development.
Module is currently maintained by neochief.

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