This module allows you to put any relative path you'd like for a menu entry, even if the path doesn't exist on your site.

You might need this module for two reasons.

1) You either need to create menu items before the pages/paths are created. Helpful when you are building out new sites for which you haven't actually created the secondary pages yet, or if you want your menu to point to some path that will actually be redirected somewhere else (for which you've already set up a redirect).

This actually isn't why this module was created, but it will work for this.

2) You have a distributed system, with some paths being on one (non-Drupal, or different Drupal install) server, and the other on your current Drupal system. It's assumed that you have some sort of path redirection mechanism in place such as Varnish, nginx or The Big IP to redirect your request to the proper path. But you need to serve your menu from Drupal.

Why not just put an absolute path, you ask? When you put absolute paths, not only does it make it a pain for moving your Drupal site to other environments - but it also doesn't keep the proper base url when your site is serving up translated content. Ideally, would change to when you changed to UK English (as an example).

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.

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