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Antique Modern

This theme is a port of Antique Modern by wildleaf from The original theme can be found here:

This theme is fixed width; it supports only the right sidebar or no sidebar (it has slightly different modes if there is no sidebar). As a convenience the contents of the left sidebar are applied to the right.

It's a little funky in Opera for reasons I can't figure out, annoyingly enough.

It does not support a logo; if you want a logo with this theme you'll have to try to put one in manually.

The original theme didn't really have a concent of Drupal's nice menu structure, so the theme has been changed somewhat to compensate for that.

As near as I can tell it supports most of the Drupal core modules, though I didn't test every single thing.

I will probably not do too much maintenance of this theme once I'm done with it, so hopefully everything will just work for you.

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