Anonymous Posting is a Drupal module that allow anonymous users to fill their contact informations (name, email and homepage) when posting any content type including Forum Topics. Then the submitted name will be shown instead of the usual generic defined anonymous string.

That is, this functionality mimic that existing feature found in the Comment core module.


Drupal 7 or Drupal 6 with content module of project CCK.


  1. Go to the 'Administration » Configuration » People » Anonymous Posting' page to enable the feature on your some content type.
  2. Configure how the feature must behave on the 'Administration » Structure » Content types » <choosen content type>' page (It work like the 'Anonymous commenting' field found on the same page).
  3. Finally, allow anonymous users to create new content of the type you choosed. To do so go to the Permissions tab of the Home » Administration » People page.


Approving content prior its publication

Please, see the Content Approval module if you need that feature.

Project information