Anonymous Date Reminder re-factors the Date Reminder module to allow anonymous visitors to request an email reminder to be sent at a specified time before an event. Generally these would be calendar events, but any node type that has date field can support reminders.

Please note that this module is not compatible with Date Reminder. You cannot have both installed on your site at the same time.


How this module differs from Date Reminder
This module does not integrate with Drupal's user system. It does not link reminders to users, it allows anonymous visitors to request reminders. In addition to the above change, this module:

  • Shows tabs only to users with the permission to view all reminders on a node.
  • Shows 'Send test email' only to users who can administer anonymous date reminders.
  • Allows reminder form to be displayed in a table and as unformatted fields
  • Creates a block that can be used to place the reminder form in a region using the block ui

Apart from the above, this module uses the code from and stays true to the original Date Reminder Module. The information below has been taken from the Date Reminder project page and changed where appropriate.

When reminders are enabled for a node, anonymous visitors can request reminders to be sent before each occurrence of the date/time. The visitor specifies how long before the date/time to send the reminder.

When reminders are enabled for a node type, anyone who can edit the node can enable or disable reminders for that node.

Reminders are sent using Drupal's email system.

System administrator can control:

  • Which node types allow reminders, and which date field (if there are several) in a type to use as the basis of reminders.
  • Which users can see or administer reminders.
  • Content of reminder messages.
  • If and how long reminders should be kept after last date occurrence.
  • The list of allowed lead times for reminders from which users can select.

Known Issues

  • If you use one of the administrator options to delete a group of reminders, there isn't any kind of "Are you sure you want to do that?" verification. There should be.
  • Reminders won't work well if the requested "lead time" is less than the cron period, especially less than half the cron period. If cron runs infrequently on your site you'll probably want to remove the options for short remind times.

Why Not Patch Date Reminder?

The changes necessary to make Date Reminder work for anonymous users required too many changes for a patch to be a reasonable solution.

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