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Needs new maintainer

I decided to stop with this module. I did all work as a volunteer and my other modules need attention too.

A lot of users seems to have found new ways to do annotation. (They are abandoning this module).

With this module you can create annotations on nodes. This sounds like comments but they are handled differently.

The visibilility of a note can be made private, open for discussion with the node author, the annotate contributors or others.

Annotate allows users to post personal notes on various nodes within the web site. For example, if you click on the most recent news story and scroll down you will see a small section called Annotate. If there is something that you need to write down about what you have read just write it there. It is saved and only you and the Administrator can see it.


There are different versions

7.x-1.x (dev version only)

Open issues are

#1315938: Upgrading is still not possible due to entity implementation

Body field
#1315948: Convert the note + note_format to a body field structure

No access control yet.
#1315924: Access control is not yet implemented.

No printer friendly pages due of using views.
#1303982: Printer friendly page misses the annotations view block.

6.x-2.x (6.x-2.0-beta1)

This version uses views for almost all lists of annotations.

To get a similar experience as with 6.x-1.x you must enable the block "annotate_by_node: Annotations by node" and place it below the node (content region when using garland). Make sure it is not displayed on path "node/*/annotate".

Other new features (thanks to views) are:
- block : annotate_recent: Recent annotations
- annotate/recent
- annotate/my
- overlay on Add/Edit: by downloading and enabling ctools module this workflow is done by an overlay.

All this is in preparation for a decent Drupal 7 version.

6.x-1.2 (stable)

This is a stable version using fieldsets for add/edit annotation. This is replaced by views in the 6.x-2.x branch.

Old features

sub module annotate_ed (editorial node)
This will be removed from the 6.x-2.x branch as this can easily be build using cck with field access permission. By removing it from the project more focus can be invested into the D7 upgrade.
Its function was make a editorial note about a node. Ie when the site editors don't want to remove a node but give it a warning at the top

Please download the module and try it out. And remember, I can't fix it if you don't tell me where the bugs are.

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