Earthquake map

What this module does

This module provides a bridge between Drupal and the AngularJS framework for creating rich, interactive web applications that rely on Drupal content. By default the module uses version 1.0.8 of AngularJS pulling the unminified code from the Google CDN. This may be changed by going to the administrative page. If you want to download the files to host locally they can be found at and placed in sites/all/libraries/angular.



  • Download and install the dependencies
  • Enable angularjs module and angularjs_examples module
  • Go to /angular/nodes to see example interacting with Drupal

Earthquake Map

Included in this is an example application built to display recent earthquakes on a map. It contains a Feature with a content type, feed importer and Search API index to query to provide facets on the magnitude and how much the earthquake was felt. It displays the earthquakes using Leaflet. See the README for more information about the dependencies.

An example of this working can be seen at


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