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I started work on a D7 release, and part of it is in the repository, NOT all parts are production ready or complete. At present ONLY Andreas 00, 01, 02 & 09 have been ported. I now have little time, so if someone wants to pick this project up, please contact me.


This is a set of all the Andreas0X themes (Andreas00 - Andreas09) and comprises of the themes shown at the bottom of this post. Please note that the themes were designed by Andreas Viklund, not me so all credit for design must go to Andreas, I have simply ported them to Drupal.

Andreas states ( "The free website templates (and all included images and related extras) are released as open source web design. It means that you may use the templates for free for any purpose, personal as well as commercial, without any obligations or conditions."


I would appreciate it if you would keep the links to mine and Andreas websites in the footer.

Live Preview

The preview linked to below will show you Andreas09, if you wish to see a live preview of the others, please visit or select the theme here:


This theme has the following features:

  • Site name
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Mission
  • Left sidebar / Right sidebar - depending on theme/subtheme used - see readme.txt

Reporting issues

NOTE:Whilst I have made every effort to check for bugs, there may still be one or two issues remaining. Please do report any issues and include in your report/issue:

  • Which theme the issue applies to - Andreas00, Andreas01, etc.
  • OS and Version
  • Browser and Version
  • CLEAR description of issue
  • If pos. include screenshots

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