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Alipay is the most popular thrid-party online payment solution in China, founded by Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA).

By using this module, Drupal site gets the ability of pay with Alipay for your online business.

Please install Libraries API and download this customized version of Alipay SDK from github, unzip it under sites/all/libraries

Configure Alipay settings in Configurations » System » Alipay:

Partner ID and MD5 Key can be found at
More settings will be avaliable in future versions.

There is a sub-module named alipay_demo, after enable it, you can use the demo form in alipay/demo page to perform an online payment via Alipay.

Developers can use alipay_api_pay($out_trade_no, $subject, $total_fee, $body); to navigate user to a payment page.

This project is sponsored by: TheRiseIT, Inc

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