This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Libertatis Æquilibritas

A marketplace for digital contracts and private transactions.

Agora provides the following new Drupal content types:

  • Markets - a market brings together users to exchange goods, services and information.
  • Contracts - a contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more users.
  • Assets - an asset is a financial instrument (a digital bearer certificate) that can be traded in Agora markets.
  • Trades - a trade is an exchange of goods or assets.
  • Accounts - an account stores assets and records transactions. Users may have multiple named accounts.
  • Transactions - a transaction records and witnesses a transfer of value between two users.

This project is developed and maintained by Arto Bendiken as part of the Drupal for Liberty initiative.

Please note that this project is in an early development stage and is not yet useful for non-developers.

Project Information