This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Agaric Starter Installation Profile revived for Drupal 7!

Currently, it is identical to Drupal's standard installation profile except it does not enable Overlay or Color module, and enables syslog instead of dblog for Watchdog, to match our usual site-building requirements. And set the name given to anonymous users to the friendlier 'Visitor'. More to come, we are inviting feature requests as the goal of the project is to be a small collection of installation profiles to provide starting bases for building different types of sites.

The starter profiles package from Agaric originally began to serve as both a rough quick-start for a fairly generic Drupal site and a starter for developers to make their own install profiles (or variations within this one).

Planned features include creating some pages with path aliases, setting permissions, and making several install profiles that simply use include files, in an attempt to make mix-and-match install profiles to share functionality (or better, moving this functionality to Feature-style modules that do not need an installation profile but can be used on an existing site). Oh, and adding blockquote to Filtered HTML input format.

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