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This module implements a Binary Multilevel Marketing (MLM) algorithm that allows users to register under another user using a special affiliate url, users who register under a specific user are assigned to this user's tree.

This module uses a Binary MLM algorithm in assigning users, it can store up to 7 levels in each user's tree.

Users can register under another user by following the url:[uid]
For example to register under user 5 you need to go to

The module provides a block which lists the logged in user's tree and allows him to navigate further down the tree by clicking on any user under him to see his tree
Make sure you place the block in a region that has 800px or more so the tree is displayed correctly

The module provides a search by username functionality so users can easily navigate to another user's tree

This module can be further updated to include e-commerce integration and commission calculation and distribution

This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX

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