This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Multimedia Element is a very powerful module for journalism.
It allows you to create blocks (not drupal blocks) containing stories (inserted manually, automatically, semi-automatically with Easy View), carousels of stories, text, photos, diaporamas (including lightbox diapos), video, twitter, table, ... And you can embed these blocks directly into your story with a nifty FckEditor plugin. Here is a nice example of story with a carousel, a diaporama and a video multimedia element.
You can in fact put these blocks everywhere, even in your frontpage! See for example the middle column on France24's frontpage, which is using Composite.

  • Large media support: photos, diaporama in lightbox or not, twitter, table, video (need additional stuff), articles, carousels, ...
  • Two default themes: Two CCK node formatter are given for multimedia element, a fixed-width one, which try to limit the width at 180px, and a full width one.
  • Easy drop-in everywhere: In your story, in your frontpage.

Dependencies: Content 2.x, Content multigroup for CCK2, Fieldgroup, Link, Number, Filefield, Imagefield, FckEditor, Lightbox2, Imagecache, JQuery_plugin, CSV Table, Easy View, Utilities.

WARNING: There is right now a bug that prevent you to upload images on the multigroup. We have fixed that by modifying filefield (add multigroup support for filefield), I will submit a patch soonish to filefield.

This module is part of the newspaper module set maintained by Studio Multimedia France24/RFI.

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