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Uberimage is an advanced image CCK field.
It has nothing to do with ubercart. It is only an über image module.

  • Direct upload/nodereference support: You can upload directly your image, or you can use the image-as-a-node approach, where you link a node with an uberimage CCK upload field to another node with a uberimage nodereference CCK field. That way, you can easily manage a big collection of images.
  • Imagecache presets re-scaling and cropping: Useful with some "flat" 16/9 presets. You can preview the output of your imagecache presets, and rescaling and cropping them directly on the edit page. If you are using the nodereference approach, you can override the scaling/cropping of the image node.
  • Title, description and credits: Directly available on this CCK field.

Websites using this module: Rfi, Europaportalen (note the use of wide format images), YourPublicMedia, Arbejderen.

Dependencies: Utilities, jQ, CCK and imagecache.

This module is part of the newspaper module set maintained by Studio Multimedia France24/RFI.

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