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Easy View is a very easy and powerful interface framework to Views, in a CCK field. It also include Easy View Taxonomy, the easy view implementation of the taxonomy View.

  • Noob friendly: Views is a very powerful tool, yet its interface is too complicated for simple users. This module create the framework to create easy interfaces to existing Views.
  • Per-node Easy View: Easy View is a CCK field, meaning you can create one per node.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode!: You can let the View fetch new content as usual, you can stop and reorder manually the results, and you can even reorder the results while keeping it automatic.
  • Node theme selection: You can select the theme of a node if these node themes are available as CCK formatters.
  • Integrates with JCarousel: You can output Jcarousels.
  • Includes Easy View Taxonomy: An easy view letting the user select content by multiple taxonomies, content type, content age.

Examples: A list of stories having a given tag, A carousel of stories having a given tag which have been reordered

Dependencies: JCarousel for Views, Views CCK Formatter, Utilities and CCK.

This module is part of the newspaper module set maintained by Studio Multimedia France24/RFI.

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