This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The advanced user module allows the filtering of users based on the user.module fields and optionally the profile.module fields. The fields available for filtering can be configured using the module settings. Eg. Site admin may search through 1000s of users to display all users who have not accessed their account.

Once the group of users with selected common denominators are filtered, the module can be used to perform functions that email, block, unblock, add or remove roles, or delete. Another nice feature is the ability to notify administrators or other roles, by email, of user account creation or profile changes.

I am looking for a co-maintainer of this module. Please let me know of you interest using the contact form.

NOTE: Version 6.x-3.x or 7.x-3.x is the release to use. The Drupal 6.x-2.x-dev release is no longer being updated.


Pay close attention
I have begun the modifications for feature enhancements. The module directory and file structure is being changed. If you upgrade to this version of the module you will need to completely remove the previous version of the module (cd sites/all/modules && rm -rf advuser) before installing this version.


The -dev version is functional
I have converted the Advanced User to Drupal 7 using the 3.x series. You should be able to use this module in your Drupal 7 environments. I will be creating a release candidate by June 30th, 2012 or before.

Module Functions

  • Filtering of users based on:
  1. Permissions
  2. Status
  3. Created
  4. Accessed
  5. Email
  6. User Id
  7. Admin Selected Profile Fields
  • Filtering on fields can be grained to
    1. Is Equal To
    2. Is Not Equal To
    3. Is Less Than
    4. Is Greater Than
    5. Is Less Than or Equal To
    6. Is Greater Than or Equal To
    7. Contains
    8. Does Not Contain
    9. Begins With
    10. Ends With
  • Multiple filters can be refined to be AND or OR operations giving you the greatest control of the data selections.
  • Operations of filtered users include:
    1. Mass emailing
    2. Blocking
    3. Unblocking
    4. Deleting
  • Administrative options include notification of user data changes.
  • The notification emails include:
    • User's email address
    • A link to google and yahoo searches for user's email address - great for doing a quick spammer check on the user's email address.
  • Notify selected roles when user updates profile fields
  • Known to work

    The filtering process works great. You can block and unblock users.
    Email notification based on role permission "receive email advuser".
    User field text substitutions as documented on the settings page.

    I have tested using the devel module mail wrapper the email functionality and have seen that the mail appears to work.

    Known to cause heartbreak

    This module needs some work for PostgreSQL support. Patches are welcome.

    Date Selectors

    The date filters Created and Accessed use the strtotime function on the inputed data. This means you can use ``now - 7 days'' in the Accessed filter with a LE operative to find those users who've accessed their accounts in the last week.

    Token module required

    The Token module is now required. All mail can use the tokens provided by the Token module for the site entities and the user entities.

    Profile Fields

    The profile module allows further selection if the module is enabled, there are additional fields added and those fields have been set to be used by the Advanced User administrator. The profile fields value formats and storage provided some interesting issues to overcome in the coding. However you can now select by the profile fields. D7 has hidden the profile module in the file. The profile module has been deprecated in favor of fields. This module needs to add functionality for fields belonging to the user entity.

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