This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project intended to provide advanced upload pages for CCK FileField/ImageField nodes.
Intended to make correct images/media/other large files upload(using flash or html5/gecko possibilities).

- can create pages for different node types with filefield or imagefield fields.
- has individual settings for each node type - your can select field you want tou use in uploader
- after all is configured just go to /advupload pages and see links
- upload pages integrate into navigation menu
- can upload files up 2GB. There are some difficulties with filesize() function, so for now no more 2GB
- have token control to make upload more secure(e.g. it's not possible use upload scripts without tokens by hands :) )
- allow select node name when file is added
- allows upload all files to new node, as allows creation each new node per each file
Project use plupload library from For our purpoces I had to rewrite pluploadQueue form as I need.
- contains OG integration - only base og and og_access - user can select group and is material public or not.

Nearest plans:

1) create simple imagefield base gallery integration(with nodereference, etc)
2) port all to D7 - looks like on D7 I have to rewrite all completely cause of API difference

This module does not normally work with Video field because Video have strange issues while node saving, but using e.g. swftools you can create video archive on your site
If you want help with correct integration of other filefield based modules - you are welcome

For proper update to 6.x-2.1 release or later please install latest plupload JS library into your sites/all/libraries folder. At moment of release there was tested version

Project information