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Advanced gallery uses CCK nodereference and imagefield fields to make nice comfortable to work gallery for the multuiser site.
This module is recommended to use together with advupload module to have comfortable upload page.

Module package includes:

  • Own images managements for users.
  • Galleries.
  • Module advimage_up - to integrate into advupload module - to create gallery with all uploaded photos in two mouse clicks
  • Module advimage_og to integrate all with Organic Groups(access per each iimage and per gallery)
  • Module advimage_ref including special CCK widget to attach images nodes to other documents(like blog, story) and special tag filter to insert images into node body with different customisable variants of output formatting(for example, to easy add lightbox images into blog and have possibility to switch from lightbox to colorbox or some other without content editing)

Here are some videos on how some of module parts works - insert image into node

Project is under heavy development. I'm interesting in your testing.

PS. During installation module creates node types and CCK fields. Be carefull.

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