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Advanced Text Screenshot (Field and Node editing view)

Advanced Text provides a new widget for the "Text" field type. This new widget is an enhanced version of the text widget, that can be divided in text blocks and separators.
Each text block has its own options (allowed characters, length and size), while separators can be given any value. The allowed characters of a text block can be chosen from a few predefined options, or controlled with a custom regular expression.
When editing a node, the Advanced Text field will be rendered with javascript to match the chosen structure. Text blocks are input fields, and separators are simple markup.

Note: the module is working but in an early development stage. Do not use in production sites. You can contribute to a reliable and quick release by filing and solving bugs in the issue queue.


  1. You can create a structured serial number field that only accepts certain characters at given positions.
  2. You can also assemble a "fill the gaps" field, that is presented to users like this: "The quick brown ___ jumps over the ___".



Advanced Text has been tested with Drupal 6.16 and CCK 2.6

Installation and Usage

See README.txt


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