The Advanced Menu module builds upon the Core Menu module to provide additional menu features. These include:

Menu Blocks (7.x-1.1+)

Administrators can remove menu blocks from the block admin page. This allows you to completely disable inactive menus and clean up the block admin page.

Menu Admin by Role

Menus can be administered by users with designated roles. This allows entire menus to be managed by non-administrative users.

Menu Attributes

Adds an expiration date to menu items and disables those items when the expiration date has passed.

Sub-Menus with Menu Merge (7.x-1.3+)

Menus can now be merged into other menus. This allows users with the appropriate permission to add links to other menus which are then displayed as if there were a single menu.

Example One:

Create new role "News Manager"
Create new user "News Editor"
Create new menu "News Releases", Set "News Manager" as an editor for the menu.

When "News Editor" signs in they will see 'Administer', 'Site Building', 'Menus', 'News Releases' in the navigation menu and will be able to modify and update all items on the "News Releases" menu.

Example Two, Building on Example One:

A News Release (pdf) is published to the site and needs to come down at 3AM.
The "News Editor" sets the Expire Date of the menu item to MM/DD/YYYY 03:00:00.

When the cron job, which the site admin has configured to run every 15 minutes, runs at 3AM the menu item is set to hidden and the menus are rebuilt.


Support for the 6.x version of this module is now in bug / security fix only mode. There will be no new features added to the 6.x release.

Warning: Some features may be incompatible with other menu display modules. Please open an issue indicating which theme and menu modules you are using if you find that a feature does not work.

Planned features

Menu Admin by User : The Bookmarks module will be merged with Advanced Menu and those features will be rolled into Menu Admin by User. Some of those features will also be added to Menu Admin by Role as well.

Project information