This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Administrator warning message

This is a simple module which allows you to show site administrators a configurable warning message above most forms on the site, reminding them that they are logged in to the live site as administrators, not regular users.

It can be used to help prevent these users from accidentally making destructive changes, either because they forgot they were logged in as an administrator, or because they forgot they were logged in to the live site (as opposed to a development server which may be identical in appearance).

For the latter case, you can use this module as follows: Enable it on the live server, but disable it as part of your process for scrubbing your live database into a development version. For example, you could run a query such as this before using the development database:

DELETE FROM system WHERE name = 'admin_warning' AND type = 'module';

Then, the message will only show up on the live site, and thereby serve as a visual cue to remind developers and site administrators that they are looking at the real site and that they should be careful of what changes they make there.

This project was sponsored by Acquia.

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