The Admin Notes module creates a block that displays a textarea pre-filled with the existing comment for that specific page, if any.

Each comment is associated with a page.


  • Download and extract to modules folder (usually sites/all/modules)
  • Go to admin/build/modules (D6) or admin/modules (D7)
  • Go to admin/build/blocks (D6) or admin/structure/blocks (D7) and place the 'Admin Notes' block where ever you would like it to display.
  • Go to admin/user/permissions (D6) or admin/config/people/permissions (D7) and set the 'access admin notes' permission to the appropriate role(s)


The 'Admin Notes' block will be ready to use after installation and can be used to record any information on a given page that you need to remember about that page.

This module works well with admin module! Navigate to admin/settings/admin (D6) or admin/config/user-interface/admin (D7) to enable

You can use it as a todo list, a code snippet log, or just about anything else you can think of where you need to keep notes.

There is a report that users with the 'access admin notes' permission can access at admin/reports/admin_notes (both D6 and D7) that will show a table of all recorded notes.

This module is in early development! Please help by reporting any issues or feature requests to the issue queue!

Admin notes in Drupal 8

This module is in development state . You can use the module and report issues and feature request.


aaron - Initial project organizer

Special Thanks

To the Journal module maintainers. I was able to save a lot of time building this module by referring to their code!

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