• Custom responsive admin theme for Drupal 8.
  • Improved and easy to use UI & UX.
  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Admin menu in this theme has simple and easy hierarchy. It highlights the inner menu level in a special way to clearly understand the menu levels.
  • The vertical menu on the left makes it easy for the users to select various functionalities of the Admin menu.
  • Table design has been made more convenient and readable by enhancing the look and feel of different sections
  • Visibility of the entire menu has been made better by using decent colours.
  • Made titles & icons visually prominent.
  • The user experience for admin, manager, editor and others has improved a lot because of the simple and elegant look of the Admin theme.
  • User friendly browsing experience in menus, buttons and inner menus specially for our users.
  • The sophisticated design of the pop-up menu marks for better and easy usage.
  • We have tried to give a stylish look to the entire theme to make it a memorable browsing experience for the users.

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