Generated using the address field.

This module can generate either of the 3 following as a block when placed on a content type that has an address field:

You can also just use this module's built-in field formatters if you do not need block-level elements and want just your address field to be rendered as a map.


  • Get an API key from your map provider.
  • Go to /admin/config/system/addressfield_staticmap and select the address fields that should be used to populate this block.
  • Make the block visible on the content types with those fields.
  • To use KML overlay files with the regular Google map, create a file upload field on your content type that only accepts .kml files.
  • Go to /admin/config/system/addressfield_staticmap and select the KML file field for the appropriate content type(s) and save.
  • Upload your KML file to your node with an address field.


This project was sponsored in the past by Phase2 Technology.


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