This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Add Dutch postal code(postcode) check and address lookup to Address Field.
This module uses the webservice of and only works for Dutch (Nederlandse) postcodes.


  1. Install and enable module 'addressfield_nl_postcode' as usual.
  2. Get an account from (free use for webshops) and obtain a key and secret.
  3. Copy your Key and Secret to the settings form (admin/config/services/addressfield-nl-postcode).
  4. Create an addressfield on a entity or edit an existing one.
  5. Enable setting 'Postcode check and addresslookup (NL add-on)' in the addresfield widget settings.
  6. Test your entity and enjoy!


The Drupal module Address Field NL Postcode is built and maintained by Drupal internetbureau .VDMi/ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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