Address Field Link extends the Address Field module to add support a link field (title and URL) that is stored with other address fields.

Use case

If you have a node type "conference" you could have a field "suggested hotel" which would store the name, address and URL of the hotel. This becomes even more useful when you want a multi-value "suggested hotels" field, where every address gets its own link.


This module was inspired by #2315441: Add a url link to the addressfield, and of course by the personal itch I had to scratch :-)

A huge "thank you" goes out to the authors of Address Field Phone, on which this module is heavily based. Without their code, writing this would have taken me 10 times as long at least. The dev version of Address Field Phone includes support for the Views, Feeds and Migrate modules. That code was also forked and refactored, but it is completely untested and has been disabled. If you need it, please uncomment the relevant hook, test it, and leave your feedback in the issue queue.

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allows me to maintain and improve this module during office hours.

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