This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Addresses Extras is a set of extensions to the Addresses module which is obviously required. It also requires the Token module.

The idea is to make it useful by having many different types of data attached to a user. A complete profile, and for some fields with functionality that is not found in the base Addresses module.

At this time, the following additions are available:

  • Names (Alias, Person and Business)
  • Notes (anything the user wants to write about himself or about a contact)
  • Internet (website, email, AIM, YIM, ICQ, J/GT)
  • Internal Info (fields only accessible to specified roles, usually for the admin(s) to control different aspect of users)

For myself, I put the URL where I can find info on how to deal with the Drupal CVS: -- this may even help others 8-)

These modules are sponsored by Made to Order Software Corp.

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