AddonChat Java Chat Software

This module provides full Drupal integration with an AddonChat Free, Professional, Professional PLUS, or Enterprise edition Java™ chat room.


  • Block integration, including both embedded and pop-up link options
  • Who's Chatting block integration to display a real-time list of users currently chatting
  • Seamless integration with Drupal Permissions/Roles. Remote authentication enables secure access to the chat room using your Drupal user database
  • Automatic user login option
  • Quick setup. Simply enter your AddonChat account number and password and the system will attempt to automatically look up your account details.
  • Advanced users may make direct modifications to the chat applet code and/or make additions to the remote authentication script output


  • A Free, Professional, Professional PLUS, or Enterprise edition available from
  • Recommended for automatic look-up during setup: CURL or PHP allow_url_fopen directive enabled.


Please read the included INSTALL.txt file for instructions.


This module is fully supported by AddonInteractive. Integration assistance and support is available via e-mail at

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