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AdBack is a professional solution that analyzes your Internet audience using adblockers. It collects, decrypts and alerts you about the evolution of this audience. It allows you to react, to inform and monetize this specific audience.

By installing AdBack, you’ll have access to a highly technological tool which is not detected by adblockers, to real-time informations, to a maximized and constantly evolving script and also to a wide range of solutions to dialogue with the adblocker user audience.

AdBack is for every content publisher who wants to understand and monetize its adblocked audience: media websites, regional magazines, bloggers who want to take an audit on their website, verify in real-time that adblocker users don’t impact the conversion rate and utilize tools to generate leads specifically on this audience.

AdBack proposes a very easy ready-to-use solution for all the Drupal website owners. It allows you to use AdBack’s solution directly from the Drupal interface where the main data are displayed. You can also access at every moment all the detailed statistics on the AdBack dashboard.

Find loads of statistics about the adblockers with AdBack:
- The number of activations/deactivations
- The number of adblockers users allowing the acceptable ads of Eyeo
- The type of adblocker used
- The estimated lost revenue
- The number of blocked analytics (Google Analytics, AT Internet)

Create automatic personalized reports with all the variables you’re interested in.

With AdBack, you can lock the access to your content to your adblocker users and display personalized messages depending on the different user profiles you’ll identify with our tool. Ask them to deactivate their adblocker or propose:
- To answer surveys
- Paywalls
- Newsletter subscriptions

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